Top 5 Things To Do in New York


They don’t call New York “the city that never sleeps” without good reason. There’s endless places to see and things to do regardless of your personality. Here’s the top 5 things you can do when visiting the Big Apple.

Top of the Rock

New York is known for being a concrete jungle, but many people only experience the architecture at ground level. Visiting the 70th floor of the world famous Rockefeller Center is a spectacle that cannot be reproduced in any movies or TV shows; the New York skyline is something you must experience with your eyes. I can guarantee you’ll be lost for words while you overlook the beauty of Central Park and the elegance of the Empire State Building all at the same time. Not only should this be a priority for everyone visiting New York, but it’s especially important for all those aspiring photographers because the pictures you’ll capture are sure to set your Instagram page on fire!

Visit Central Park

Amongst all the hustle and bustle of New York, Central Park is a fantastic place to unwind and take it slow for the day. New York has done a fantastic job of preserving the little greenery in the city by not allowing development within Central Park. There’s plenty activities within the park such as: horse carriage rides, bike tours, walking tours, playgrounds, tennis courts and more! For all the music fans out there, don’t forget to check out Strawberry Fields. Strawberry Fields is a 2.5 acre land that pays tribute to singer, songwriter and peace activist John Lennon who is most famously known for his role in The Beatles. Visiting the beautiful mosaic and walking around Strawberry Fields will surely make you reflect on John Lennon and the positive impact he demonstrated in his lifetime.

Find Places You’ve Seen on TV or in Movies

Thousands and iconic movies and TV shows are based in New York and many of them are filmed in the city itself! Whether its Tom’s Restaurant from Seinfeld or Buddy’s Bakery from Cake Boss, there’s plenty of iconic places from TV you can visit! However, my favorite was Katz Deli from Where Harry Met Sally. This old fashioned meat deli is home to some of the best pastrami sandwiches New York has to offer! All the big time New Yorkers have visited this iconic deli and pictures of A-list celebrities such as Derek Jeter, Samuel L. Jackson and Alec Baldwin and hundreds more fill the walls with everlasting memories. Oh yeah, and who could forget the famous movie scene from When Harry Met Sally was filmed in this exact deli.

Find Celebrities

The Big Apple is flooded with millions of people and plenty of them are celebrities! While walking the streets always keep your eyes open for recognizable characters. On my trip I was lucky enough to meet rap legend, Snoop Dogg. He said the only way I could snap a quick photo with him was if I donated a few dollars to a homeless person. Of course, I took the deal and immediately donated $5 to a homeless man in Time Square after I grabbed my favorite picture of this vacation. Don’t be scared to approach someone famous, they’re just people like you and I!

Get lost

Get lost in New York and meet new people. The cultural vibe in this city is unlike any other.


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