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Many people have troubles planning a vacation and that’s why I’m here! For this example, I’ll help get you started on how to plan a trip to the beautiful country of Thailand! This South East Asian country is quickly growing as one of the top tourist destinations for students across the world! With breathtaking beaches, rich history, and some of my favorite food, all for a very affordable price, there’s little surprise as to why thousands of students are saving their money to visit this incredible country. My goal is to visit Thailand in May of 2018 which makes this a perfect opportunity to share my knowledge on how to plan a two week long vacation. Here, I’ll briefly create a summary of how to plan a vacation in Bangkok and the island of Koh Phi Phi.

step 1: Booking Flights

Kayak: Anytime you travel from North America to Asia the flight will typically take up the majority of your budget. Flights from Vancouver to Bankok typically
Expedia: range from 800-1200 which means you should start saving ASAP!

When booking a flight, you should always research which airlines provide the best

Cheap Flights

experience. The last thing you’d want is to be stuck on a 15 hour plane ride with only some pretzels and no TV. A good way to save money on flights is to check multiple sites for prices. In this case, I used Kayak, Expedia and Cheap Flights all flying from Vancouver to Bangkok on Air China. After doing my research, the best deal I found was on where I was able to book a find a flight for $857. However, if you look closely, that flight has an extremely long layover which means the entire trip will take 29 hours whereas the flight from Expedia is $901 for a 19 hour journey. Personally, I think spending an extra $40 to save 10 hours of travelling is a no-brainer! Furthermore, In this example, we’ve landed in Bangkok and I’d recommend budgeting an extra $100-200 for additional travel costs to all the small islands such as Koh Phi Phi to experience all the amazing beaches and wildlife Thailand has to offer. Flights are not always cheap, therefore you should always do extensive research before booking!

Step 2: Booking Hotels

Alas, the part of our planning where our Canadian dollar can take us a long way. If you choose to stay in a hostel, I highly recommend booking through because it provides great reviews, ratings, and photos all taken by customers and travellers. Hostels and hotels in Thailand are extremely reasonable and from $15-40 per night you can live like royalty! The Blanco Beach Bar hostel in Koh Phi Phi is loaded with young travellers looking to party and enjoy life on the breathtaking beaches of this tiny island. For $17 per night this deal cannot be matched! This seems like the perfect spot for my personality and travelling style and after reading multiple reviews, I’d be happy to stay here. However, if you aren’t interested in the party scene of Thailand there’s many alternative resorts, hotels and hostels available for under $40 per night assuming you split a two person bedroom with a friend.

Step 3: Planning activities

Although I’m a firm believer in going with the flow and experiencing life on the fly while I travel, typically there’s a few activities I like to plan out before I arrive. In this case, while in Bangkok I’d definitely want to visit the Grand Palace because of its rich history and incredible architectural design. For under $20 CAD this magnificent complex group of buildings is a great place to spend the day. On the other hand, while in Koh Phi Phi I’d probably spend most days on the beach interacting with other traveller with a drink in my hand; there’s beauty in simplicity.


There it is, a few helpful ways to get started on planning your dream vacation and a few recommendations on what sites to use! If you want to check out other travel tips click on the link!


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