Herschel Little America Backpack Review


Having the proper backpack is essential for your adventures while travelling. My personal favorite is the Little America backpack because of its practicality and style.

The design of this bag is fantastic because of its deep pockets, zippers and multiple compartments for storage. I take this bag as a carry on to hold all my shoes and a few outfits while the majority of my clothes go in a suitcase. If there’s no space in the above storage of your airplane, this bag will fit comfortably under your seat to provide you with plenty of leg space for a relaxing flight. While travelling, I usually carry my phone, wallet, camera, water, food and extra clothes such as a light jacket or extra shirt because of varying weather conditions. The Little America bag has enough space for all these items and more because of the large space in the main pocket. This main pocket also includes a secured area to place your laptop and tablet if you choose to travel with larger pieces of technology. Furthermore, there’s another smaller pocket to hold store items such as your phone, wallet or map. The main pocket has extremely stylish latches that magnetically connect to the button below that helps for ease of access. However, as with any backpack, be cautious of those pick-pocketers when you’re travelling in very congested areas such as the subway or bus.

Not only is this bag practical, its stylish as well! The Little America has a simple, modern square look with minimal straps and distractions. It’ll go nicely with almost any outfit and the neutral tone makes it great for men and women of any age! Not only is this bag great for travelling but it can be used for school, work, the gym or almost any daily occasion because of its simplistic design!

You can pick up your official Little America backpack and plenty of other accessories on the Herschel website here !


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